Titaya's Classic Favorites

(*Served with white rice, substitute brown rice added $1.50)


T1 ~ Pad Cha (Spicy catfish)
Lightly fried chunk catfish stir-fried with bamboo shoots, young green peppers and bell peppers in a very hot and spicy herb garlic sauce.

T2 ~ Pork Garlic Mixed Peppercorn
Seasoned sliced pork loin sautéed with garlic, mixed peppercorn and sweet soy. Served on top of spinach salad with vinaigrette dressing.

T3 ~ Treasure Island
Turmeric-based curry stir-fry, shrimp, squid, green mussels, egg, onions, scallions, bell peppers, mushroom, celery and carrot with house special sauce.

T4 ~ Chuu Chee Pla
Crispy Basa fish fillet topped with Mom's coconut red curry sauce.

T5 ~ Pla Sum Rod
Crispy Basa fish fillet topped with sauteé tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers and fresh basil leaves in house tamarind sauce.

T6 ~ Ta-lay Dancing
Stir-fried shrimp, squid, green mussels, mushrooms, tomatoes, yellow onions and green onions in house spicy Tom Yum sauce.

T7 ~ Basil Talay
Stir fried shrimp, squid and green mussels with hot chili, garlic, fresh basil leaves, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and Thai seasonings.

T8 ~ Hor Mok Talay
House red curry soufflé with white fish, shrimp, squid and green mussels, Napa cabbage, chili, basil, and coconut cream.

Add $0.50/item for added spice modifications.

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