First Bites

(*Add dipping sauce $1.00)


Moo Ping
Grilled pork marinated in Thai spices on bamboo skewers.

Spinach Dumplings
Steamed dumpling stuffed with spinach. Served with side of mild sweet soy vinegar.

Sweet Corn Taro Fritter
Tempura fried sweet corn and taro fritter. Crushed peanut, green onion, sweet chili plum drizzle.

Hed Ping
Lightly breaded fresh mushrooms grilled on bamboo skewers. Topped with sweet chili plum drizzle.

Tod Mon Pla
Mom's classic fried white fish cakes seasoned with curry. Served with chili cucumber relish sweet chili plum sauce and crushed peanuts.

Hung Lay Bun
Northern region curry braised pork belly in steam bun with cucumber, Serrano and cilantro.

Kao Todd
Golden fried jasmine rice mixed with red curry, coconut milk and spices. Topped with house sweet chili plum sauce and peanut sauce.

Satay Gai
Grilled marinated chicken in spices on bamboo skewers. Served with house peanut sauce and chili cucumber relish.

Titaya's Signature Wings
Fried chicken wings marinated in garlic, peppercorns, and fried lemongrass.

Fried Tofu
Fried crispy tofu. Served with sweet chili plum sauce and peanut.

Polenta Crab Cake by Chef Ek
Panko fried polenta crab cake with sweet corn, green onion, flour and egg. Serve with spicy mustard Aioli.

Nam Prik Noom & Sai Auo  (Mom's Special Set)
Northern Thai Sausage with Thai style Green Chili dip served with sticky rice, pork crackling and assorted vegetable.

Add $0.50/item for added spice modifications.

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